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One source delivers many solutions!

So whether it's a video presentation, a responsive website,a better website, an online strategy, interactive e-learning, or search engine optimization of your current website, we always have a genuine interest in our client's businesses, strategies, and processes to achieve a successful outcome.

Visuell Kommunikation work entirely in the digital landscape in a project-based (PBO) business model. Given that we lead projects in the strategic and creative phase, and engage with established and hungry talent when necessary, you can expect commitment, creativity, and energy from us!

Although our experience until the mid nineties essentially has been projects about video productions, we have since then developed a broad knowledge in digital marketing solutions in parallel.

But the fact remains that with over 120 customers, several international clients, and over 200 video and internet solutions in various industries, we have developed the ability and the knowledge to be able to combine various digital media in the most efficient way.

Our focus in recent years has only been focused on developing our existing customers' business in the digital world.

However, in 2015 we took a strategic decision to expand our operations with skills in interactive training (e-Learning) and we were awarded a project from Akzo Nobel Functional Chemicals Division to develop an interactive training program. You can read more about this in our blog!

We always strive for long-term relationships, are humbled by the challenges, and are always looking for cost effective solutions to provide a sound pricing. for our customers.

Our vision is to simplify, innovate, and improve our customers' digital business! If you want this for your business, please don't hesitate to contact us