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Customer: Modellteknik AB

The challenge: Modellteknik AB is an engineering company with cutting-edge expertise in CAD/CAM, industrial engineering and mold manufacturing. The difficulty in reaching new customers was a challenge, as the marketing activities they used were only directed against old customers. The need to find a new strategy was therefore great in order to spread their knowledge to new customers.

The solution: We started working with Modellteknik in 2007 with a feasibility study where we asked a selection of Modellteknik´s customers about their strengths and weaknesses. This information was important to us when we created a script for the company’s video presentation. The guiding principles of the project included keywords like short lead time, delivery reliability, competence and quality. In 2011, it was time to profile Modellteknik on the Internet with a powerful website where the keywords were the same. We have also implemented our own CMS (Content Management System) where they can easily upload current news information, pictures of staff, reference projects and the machinery park. In 2012, we produced a DVD and CD-ROM distribution concept to use in fairs and we implemented the QR code concept on brochures and posters. In 2016, we got entrusted to produce a responsive design website that is also approved by Google for the display in mobile platforms.

The results: Modellteknik has increased its presence on the Internet with over 90% compared to their previous website. They are visible among Google’s top 3 using several of the important Swedish keywords with competition being tough such as skärande bearbetning, 3D-konstruktion, legotillverkning and 5-axlig fräsning, and are visible both on the web and in video clips on YouTube.

The approach: Video production using Digital Video, LightWave 3D, SEO, and QR code, and the development of the website uses HTML, CSS, PHP and MySql.