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Nordic Walking

Customer: Stavgångsbutiken, Stavakademin

The challenge: In the early 2000s the trend of walking with poles began (Nordic Walking). Everybody thought that if they used poles for exercise they would increase fat consumption by up to 50%, but there was no evidence and most of the Nordic walkers didn’t know how to use their poles. Furthermore, we saw there was potential for the sale of Nordic Walking poles on the Internet, but the lack of knowledge and a common Internet platform was a problem.

The solution: By producing a training program (video program) and a responsive website where we broadened the concept of Nordic Walking, we spread the knowledge that one pair of poles provide a good workout for all ages and all types of exercise. A knowledge page on Nordic Walking and a responsive e-commerce site specializing in walking poles was the solution.

The results: Today, the websites are synonymous with Nordic Walking and search engines like Google rank all our sites in their Top 3. We also benefit from close cooperation with newspapers and magazines when it comes to coverage and competitions relating to Nordic Walking. Besides VHS, DVD, CD-ROM, and television distribution of the popular program, "Everyone can practice with Nordic Walking", there is also an interactive e-learning platform for those who want to become Nordic Walking instructors.

The approach: A Video Program using Digital Video, LightWave 3D, and the development of the website, e-commerce and e-education uses HTML, PHP, Bootstrap and MySql.