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Customer: TAWI

The challenge: Already in 1996 we started our cooperation with TAWI who was among the first to present their business on the Internet. Today the challenge is to create more customer inquiries (leads) from the web sites around the world.

The solution: Through a structured and purposeful way of creating websites that are search engine optimized and mobile-friendly based on responsive design will TAWI's subsidiaries in US, United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark get top ranking on Google. The websites also has a smart solution for the customer so that they can easily search for the type of application / product they are in the need of. Each site has a micro video, also shown at trade fairs and exhibitions. Also shown is over 100 video clips from different applications via links from each subsidiaries websites to YouTube

The results: Between 250-300 leads per year has already been achieved and the new responsive websites will get TAWI top ranking on Google for mobile searches. In order to facilitate the updating of new products and applications can TAWI Sweden manage all websites world wide with a Content Management System developed by us.

The approach: A Video Program using Digital Video, After Effects, and the development of the website, uses HTML, PHP, Bootstrap and MySql.