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The price or the value of our performance?

This page is probably the most visited and therefore we get the opportunity to prove how important it is with a website's navigation and content. Few B2B having a price list on the website mainly because of the transparency on the net. But it is not unusual that some companies sell only on price and package websites or video presentations in a simple way but on the other hand there is some customers that just want a function not a concept.

Generally speaking, when it comes to a video presentation, the number of recording days is what controls the budget. And the numbers of pages of the website are the main factor to how the budget framework would be like. But if you only need an estimate, budget quotes then please fill out the form here!

Although we believe that a serious budget could only be done when one knows what the conditions and that is only possible with a personal meeting. What separates us from the rest of the industry is that we always have fixed prices throughout the chain from our suppliers to our customers and we have never cracked a budget!

It is both bold and difficult to certify so it's about our credibility. Contact us for a personal visit!