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Technology is not the goal, it is the means!

And like everything else, there is technology behind our project, but that does not mean that we will talk about it, because most customers do not care. But sometimes we need to use technology to describe how we works and then we try to do it in a comprehensible manner.

Our basic view in everything we do is to be transparent in the sense that it should be easy to update what we do and that we encode in the so-called Open Source . This in turns means that the risk of jeopardize the project is reduced if you choose to end collaborate with us.

The underlying technology in our work with a website is HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, Bootstrap. We have developed our own CMS tools (programs that update the website) and that is extremely easy to use. All websites verified against Google's guidelines We also use the W3C validation and validate the browser and viewing platforms.

Regarding our production equipment for video production is the Cine, EFP or DSLR cameras depending on the budget and all edited in HD or 4K in Premiere CC. After Effects and LightWave 3D are used when necessary. Have more questions about technology? Please Contact Us!